clean couch

If you’ve ever tried to keep your new couches clean and stain free and have a house full of people, you know how impossible this can be. You might splurge for the protection package when you first buy it or choose a material that’s less likely show dirt but in the end, it’s a constant battle for anyone who cleans the home to deal with.

Food smudges, debris from soiled work clothing and pen marks. There really isn’t a stain you haven’t seen or tried to clean before on your couch if you’ve had it for a while. The good news is that it doesn’t take more elbow grease or baking soda to get this out. It involves less work on your part. Hire a professional cleaning company that has the tools and skills to get your pricey sofa back to amazing condition.

Here are some of the types of stains professionals have been known to get out of upholstery.

  • Pet dander & stains
  • Other household allergens and airborne bacteria
  • Small juice and food stains
  • Crusty unknown substances

When a professional cleaning company is called in to help with your upholstery cleaning they’re going to assess the type of fabric and any potential damage or issues that could occur when trying to clean the surface.

Once they’ve understood the required process, they will vacuum the fabric, condition, rinse, and dry it. In some instances, they might also use a process called hot-water extraction or “steam cleaning” as a method to try to lift a stain out.

All of this is done using specialized equipment and processes. It’s not something that you should attempt as a DIY project if you’re unsure of the end result which could exacerbate the stains.

Always Clean’s trained professionals are certified to clean your upholstery so the ultimate care is given to delicate fabrics. Post-inspections with clients ensure you’re satisfied with the completed outcome – even for those stains that simply will never come out.

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