pumpkin pie on the table

Hosting a dinner gathering for Thanksgiving is equally bold and rewarding. This is the meal everyone looks forward to all year long. Its comfort foods, time spent with gratitude, and it’s the kick off to the holiday season.

As the host, you’ve got a lot to prepare. From planning the courses to cooking the bird just right and all those desserts. Then there’s the cleaning up your home for guests and setting the table and centerpiece décor. As we enter the month of November this is probably exactly what your list looks like.

The good news is that party planning in advance will help you to be relaxed and allow all of your guests to enjoy the day before they head out stuffed and ready to do some Black Friday shopping.

But what about the aftermath? Packing up all those leftovers, cleaning all the plates and then the floors.

…The carpets stained with pumpkin pie globs, the gravy dribbles or the soda that was spilled by an unattended toddler…

We’ve got you covered with tips for keeping Thanksgiving dinner off the floor.

Be Mindful During the Event

Small steps to clean up while the party is happening can go a long way in keeping things neat and no surprise messes on the floors. It’s not polite to just clean while everyone else is eating and enjoying conversation but it’s easy enough to clear away dirty plates quickly to the kitchen or remove glasses and other spill-friendly items if they are no longer being used. When an accident does occur or you witness something falling to the floor don’t brush it off and say “I’ll get it later.” Stains may set in and the high traffic throughout the day can embed the debris further into the flooring and cause damage. Instead, head over with a damp cloth or dustpan and quickly clean it up and go on with the day. You’ll thank yourself later.

Don’t Leave the Mess for Tomorrow

After a long day of cooking and entertaining you’ll likely want to crawl straight into bed once everyone leaves and worry about the mess in the morning. Not only will you wake up upset that you’ll now need to dedicate more of your time to a party that’s long ended, but you may miss important spills or other clean-up needs if you don’t at least clear away the dishes and sweep underneath the table. Plus you can sleep in and do what you’d like the following day.

Call in the Professionals

Even if you did everything right. You planned ahead, cooked the turkey to just the right moist texture and your homemade apple pie was a hit, and you cleaned up the night before, you might still realize someone managed to track in an unknown substance under their shoes and smear it into your floor. Or the coffee you quickly cleaned up following an accidental spill still seems to have left a visible mark, there is something you can do.  Professional carpet cleaners armed with tools and expertise to bring your flooring back to life can come in and assist so your home is looking great again before the next holiday party you host.

Always Clean offers weekly cleanings or monthly appointments to help homeowners and businesses in Connecticut maintain an immaculately clean space.  We steam clean carpets, deep clean hardwood floors, clean tile and grout as well as upholstery and so much more!

Schedule your pre- or post-holiday cleaning service now!