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The decision to sell your home is likely not one you made hastily. Whether you’re moving to a bigger space or ready to downsize, getting the best return on your investment is key. To do so you’ll need to prep, clean and fix the home to undo years of use and wear.

Decluttered rooms, a fresh coat of paint and updated appliances and fixtures can all easily help increase the value of your home. However what good is moving furniture, updating the bathroom and staging the home for sale if the floors still look messy?

Here are just a few reasons to opt for a professional floor cleaning as you prepare your home for sale.

Assessing the Damage

The first thing you want to do before taking action is to assess the damage to your floors. Do you have beautiful hardwood that’s become dull and dingy? Is the grout in your bathroom tiles a sore sight? What about the carpets in the living room or bedroom? Do they have stains from years ago you didn’t even realize were still there? These factors are key considerations in how to move forward with floor cleaning. If the damage is beyond repair you may be looking at new flooring installation. But if you can avoid that cost, you may be able to get your floors looking brand new again with a professional cleaning.

Stick to Professionals

It’s important once you make the decision to have your floors cleaned that you choose a professional cleaning service. These companies are experienced not just in dealing with and treating stains but they also know the types of detergents, cleaners and methods to lift, brighten and add shine to floors and carpets without harming the textiles. As an added bonus, removal or old stains and set in odors will leave your home fresh for potential buyers who will feel like the investment in purchasing your home is worth it.

Always Clean offers cleaning services that leave homes and offices across Connecticut immaculately clean. We offer weekly cleanings and monthly appointments and have convenient, cost-effective packages to fit varied needs.  Contact us today!