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How long has it been since you last cleaned your home’s carpets? If it’s approaching a year or longer, it’s time to do something about it—sooner, rather than later. (And if it’s been that long, odds are you don’t need us to tell you that!)

When it comes to deep carpet cleaning, there are two ways to go: hiring a professional carpet cleaning service or opting for a more DIY approach.

While DIY carpet cleaning might seem tempting to some homeowners, it’s nearly always wiser to simply hire a professional. Keep reading to find out why.

Professional Steam Cleaning vs. DIY Carpet Cleaning

The Do-It-Yourself Approach

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First of all, when we say “DIY carpet cleaning” we’re not just talking about vacuum cleaning or spot cleaning with a spray bottle from the grocery store. Carpets need to be cleaned with professional-quality equipment regularly. This usually means hot water extraction or so-called steam cleaning.

It is possible to rent steam cleaning machines for use in the home. But there are two main downsides to steam cleaner rental:

  1. Equipment is one thing, but it’s nothing without the proper experience and know-how that professional cleaners possess. The average homeowner may not do a very thorough or even competent job cleaning their carpets, even with a rented cleaning machine. In the worst cases, a homeowner might actually harm their carpets with a botched DIY steam cleaning.
  2. Rental steam cleaners are generally less powerful than the machines that actual professionals use. Even with the right experience, it might not be possible to do the best job possible with a rental machine.

And, of course, cleaning your own carpets can be a massive pain in the neck. Here’s one account of a typical DIY steam cleaning:

[My] husband, my son and I spent the better part of 2 days moving furniture, setting up fans, and using this behemoth of a machine to get our carpets clean.

As a result of our 2-day carpet cleaning experience, I have a sore ankle and back.  My husband has a sore back, too… I’m realizing that I could have had a professional carpet cleaning service do the work [and] and I could’ve been more productive elsewhere.

Why not just hire a pro?

Professional Carpet Cleaning

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Whereas DIY steam cleaning involves a great deal of labor on the part of the homeowner—who may not be properly qualified to do the job as quickly or thoroughly as it could be—hiring a professional is as easy as picking up a phone and waiting for the appointment.

But there are other benefits to hiring a professional than just convenience.

  1. Professional cleaners have access to more powerful equipment than rental stores, meaning a deeper clean.
  2. Professional cleaners can spot problems that go beyond routine stains and dirt such as mold, water damage, and more that might otherwise go unnoticed.
  3. Professionals know the best methods of cleaning for each type of carpet, rugs, and other flooring.
  4. Professionals can offer advice for proper maintenance and care of your carpets and rugs in the future.
  5. Professionals are often licensed and insured.

The list goes on. Suffice it to say—professional carpet cleaning offers myriad benefits over the DIY approach.

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