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When it comes to seasonal cleaning, spring is usually what most people will summon to mind. But the fact of the matter is, cleaning is a year-round obligation, and every season has its own set of essential chores. Fall is no exception, especially here in Connecticut.

Labor Day has long passed and it’s now officially autumn. That means it’s time to start thinking about fall cleaning!

Not sure what fall cleaning entails? Don’t worry! Here’s a fall cleaning checklist to get you started on the path to a happy, healthy home that’s more than ready for autumn—and the winter that follows.

Essential Autumn Chores and Fall Cleaning Checklist

Wash Your Windows

One of the great things about spring and summer is the feeling of opening your windows and letting a fresh breeze billow through your home. Unfortunately, the process of doing so can leave smudges and fingerprints all over the glass.

Fall marks the beginning of the time of year when your windows will stay mostly closed for the foreseeable future. Make sure they’re as clean as possible.

Yellow gloved hands washing a home's windows

Put in Storm Windows

While we’re talking windows, now would be the perfect time to have energy-efficient storm windows installed in your home.

Clean Your Kitchen (Including the Inside of the Stove)

Fall and winter are great seasons for cooking, especially hearty soups, stews, and roasts. Get your kitchen in good working order by cleaning it from top to bottom—wipe down counters, sort your pantry, throw out (and replace) expired food, defrost the freezer, clean the inside of the fridge, etc.

Oh, and clean your oven!

Clean Your Upholstery

The last thing you want in the fall and winter when all the windows are bolted shut is a house full of dusty upholstery. Have your upholstery professionally cleaned to extend the lifespan of your upholstered furniture and make your winter breathing a lot easier.

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Organize Your Closet

How’s your closet looking? Messy? Cluttered? We thought so.

Take this opportunity to organize your closet. This also means putting away your summer clothes and getting your winter ones ready for action. The first cold snap of the year can come suddenly—especially here in New England.

Put Away Your Outdoor Furniture

Do you have any patio or other outdoor furniture? For the most part, outdoor furniture is far from winter proof, and you wouldn’t want to use it in the freezing cold anyway. Clean and store your patio furniture in the garage, shed, or basement.

Have Your Carpets and Rugs Professionally Cleaned

Finally, fall is the perfect time for a thorough cleaning of your carpets and rugs. A simple once-over with your vacuum cleaner isn’t enough—you need a professional to see real results.

There are lots of reasons to get professional carpet cleaning, and experts recommend having it done at least once per year.

A closeup of a vacuum cleaner head cleaning a blue carpet.

Carpet Cleaning in Connecticut

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