With summer fast approaching it makes sense to start thinking about how to keep your floors clean during this high traffic, barefoot time of year. You know the time when the kids are running inside and out dripping wet from the pool, and when the picnic guests are trotting through the hallways to use the bathroom. It can put a lot of wear tear, dirt and debris onto your floors.

Keeping the Floors Clean in Summer

Whether you have carpet, tiles, wood flooring or vinyl, the fact remains that you want to keep your home clean and hygienic at all times. Especially if there are little ones crawling around and to ensure no one gets a rock or other debris stuck under their foot walking through your house.

While chasing behind everyone with a mop as they enter and leave might help, it’s no way to spend your weekends.

Opt for a deep cleaning session with professionals.

Calling in a team of professionals is the best way to get your floors ready for the barefoot season and to keep them clean throughout the warmer months. A professional carpet cleaning will get much deeper into the fibers and not just pick up loose debris but actually wash, agitate and soften up your carpets so they’re fresh, soft to walk on and odor free. Have hardwood? Professional cleaning is going to do more than push around the dirt, it’s going to lift up the dirt and clean the surface without damaging or changing the appearance.

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We don’t just offer the highest quality work at each visit, our technicians are also certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) for carpet cleaning, commercial maintenance, upholstery and fabric cleaning, and water damage restoration. We’re here to help you with all your cleaning needs! Contact us today.

Here at Always Clean it is our dedication to provide you with cleaning services that keep your floors spotless in any room and whatever type of flooring you have. It’s only natural that we dedicate a post on our blog today to celebrating “National Clean Your Floors Day.”

Each year on August 3rd, homeowners everywhere spend the day mopping, scrubbing, soaking and getting the floors in their home clean. Sometimes that’s harder said than done. The dingy grout that won’t seem to come clean, that old stain in the carpet that’s settled in far too long.

To make the celebrations even better, we’re overviewing some of our top tips for keeping your floors clean and reminding you why professional services are best in many cases.

Carpet Cleaning Tips

If you’ve tried everything to get the carpets in your home looking bright and feeling soft like they used to, just vacuuming isn’t going to do it. You need agitation and high levels of hot water to help pull out stains and get the fibers but in good condition. Much like washing your hair, it needs to be rinsed, conditioned and dried properly to get it looking great. A professional cleaner has access to the equipment and technique required to finally get those carpets looking clean and feeling great again.

How to Safely Clean Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring has many risks when it comes to cleaning. It’s easier to damage if handled too roughly and getting older, worn vinyl to look clean can be really difficult. A professional cleaning will use a special neutralizing solution to balance the pH on the floor and use a sealer to restore it to a glossy look.

Hardwood Floors

Just short of having to go through a pricey buffing and resealing of your hardwood floors, there is hope for getting your floors clean again and looking great. The problem with floors that haven’t been cleaned thoroughly over time is that dirt and debris settle into the wood and lifting it won’t work with just an average surface cleaning. Professional hardwood floor cleaning equipment that gets deeper into the pores and lifts out dirt is necessary.

Tile & Grout

While hard tile flooring might seem easy to keep up with since you can mop with detergents frequently, you’ll notice over time that the floor still looks dingy, dully an even dirty along the grout lines. That’s because using the soap and mop method is only adding a layer of grime and film on top of the tiles. The only way to get this up is to use high heat and a massive amount of suction. We use a very powerful Turbo Cleaning Tool to clean and rinse your dirty tile and grout.

The technicians at Always Clean LLC are certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration for carpet cleaning, commercial maintenance, upholstery and fabric cleaning, and water damage restoration. Our services can help homeowners, as well as businesses in Connecticut, get to the bottom of their messy floor issues. Contact us today to learn more!

If you think your bathroom needs a rip-and-replace update but you can’t afford it, there are things you can do for a “like new” look without spending the cash required to do it over. Look closely at your tile. Is it largely okay? It may simply be dirty, and the grout may be crumbling. That doesn’t mean you need to rip out the tile and start again. A thorough tile and grout cleaning could help.

Bathrooms Are Dirty Places

This shouldn’t be news, right?  Tile is more porous than you think, and, just like a napkin, it can absorb dirt, oil, bacteria, and grime. Over time, dirt, dust, oil and other substances dull the tile and discolor it, leading to a dirty appearance. Bathroom cleaners and substances like vinegar can help a little, but they may not be cleaning deeply enough to get the results you’d hoped for.

Tile and grout cleaning is a time-consuming and difficult process, and unfortunately, if you aren’t using the correct tools, you may even be making your problem worse. Mops and chemical soaps can contribute to worsening the sticky residue on your tiles and grout that gradually builds up over weeks, months, and even years, dulling the tile and grout and making them look dirty, despite how much time you spend on them.

Professional Cleaning Can Get Tile and Grout Really Clean

If nothing you’re doing at home is improving the situation, a professional can clean your tile and grout and restore them to like-new condition in a multistep process using specialized cleaners and tools.

Dry dirt removal. Before a cleaning, a professional tile and grout cleaner will carefully remove any dry debris or dirt on the tile and grout.

Specialized detergent. Next, an alkaline detergent solution is applied to remove any greases and oils that have built up in grout. The detergent and the much of the embedded dirt are then removed.

Scrubbing. Next, special tools will be used that are designed to get into the grout lines and remove all the stubborn stains in your dirty tile and grout.

Rinsing. Finally, a high-heat and high-pressure tool is used to remove all the detergent and embedded dirt, including the most stubborn stains, leaving the tile and grout clean and dry.

Finishing and sealing. After your tile and grout are thoroughly cleaned, a professional cleaning company can apply a grout sealer to the floor to help maintain the floor and make future cleaning easier.

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