Floor coverings are the furnishings that are the most used and that experience the most wear and tear. Area and Oriental rugs can accumulate dirt, dust, pollen, pet hair, and other allergens that can make them appear dull and dingy and can affect people’s health. Even with regular vacuuming, much of that debris can remain.

Many homeowners have no idea how dirty their rugs are until they have them professionally cleaned and see the dramatic difference. With summer coming up soon, now is the perfect time to have your rugs cleaned so your house will have a fresh look when you invite guests for summer picnics and barbecues.

Benefits of Professional Rug Cleaning

Dirt and debris can build up over time and become embedded in rug fibers, which can cause the fibers to eventually split. Professional rug cleaners use hot water and commercial cleaning products to remove debris from inside the fibers. This can prevent damage and extend the life of the floor covering.

In high-traffic areas, such as the living room, bedrooms, and hallways, areas where people tend to walk the most can become dirty and wear out faster than others, which can detract from the appearance of the entire room. Professional carpet cleaning can remove dirt from those areas so the entire rug looks like new.

Rugs often become stained by spills. Some things, such as wine and juice, can be difficult to remove with typical household cleaning products. Even after several attempts at cleaning, a rug may remain discolored. If you have kids, your rugs may have several stains, and you may not be able to conceal them all with furniture. Having your rugs cleaned by professionals can allow you to entertain family and friends without worrying about feeling embarrassed if they see stains on the rug.

Professional rug cleaning can contribute to a healthier indoor environment. Removing dust and allergens can be beneficial for residents and guests who have allergies or asthma. Cleaning your rugs can also remove bacteria that cause unpleasant odors.

Clean Your Rugs to Prepare for Summer Gatherings

Even with weekly vacuuming, rugs can accumulate a lot of dirt and allergens. If you enjoy entertaining in the summer, now is the ideal time to have your rugs cleaned so your home will be ready for guests. Always Clean can professionally clean your rugs and restore them to like-new condition. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for rug cleaning in Connecticut.

Summer in Connecticut is here! It’s hotdog and hamburger season (with lots of ketchup!) It’s time for strawberry margaritas, blueberry pie, and smores. Unless you’re keeping your family and guests outdoors all summer, chances are many of these things will also wind up on your rugs and carpets. You may also find that since it’s barefoot season, your floor coverings have taken on the distinct odor of feet. Eww.

The following are some tips to help you keep your rugs and carpets clean, even through the busy, sometimes messy summer season.

Take your shoes off.

Many other cultures do it, but Americans are less likely to remove their shoes when they enter a house. It’s a wondrous way to keep carpets clean, however. When a majority of the people come through your home shoeless, it can greatly reduce the amount of grime, dirt, grass, allergens, germs, and moisture that gets tracked into your carpet fibers. Provide a selection of inexpensive slipper-socks for visitors. Make sure everyone in your family has a good pair of indoor-only slippers.

Regular vacuuming and spot-cleaning.

Regular vacuuming removes dust, dirt, and allergens from your rugs and prevents excessive wear on the carpet fibers. Occasionally sprinkle some baking soda onto the carpet before vacuuming. Vacuum at least once a week and more often if you’ve entertained recently, and use a spot cleaner to remove any dropped food, dirt or liquid.

Use area rugs and runners.

If you are getting a lot of traffic through your home in the summer, consider buying some runners for high-traffic areas to protect the carpet underneath. Runners in hallways year round can reduce carpet wear in this high traffic area. Putting doormats at entrances gives residents and visitors a place to wipe shoes off before they enter. (Though continue to hope that they’ll actually take their shoes OFF.)

Encourage kids to play outside.

They may be the Digital Generation, but outdoor play is important to their development. Encourage kids to spend more time outside, and make a rule that any messy toys or art projects must happen outdoors.

Hire a professional carpet cleaner.

While all these things can help, they’re no substitute for a professional carpet cleaning. Hire Always Clean to clean your carpets at least twice a year to keep them fresh, extend their lives, and protect their beauty. We service customers in New London, Middlesex, and New Haven counties. Contact us for an estimate!

Area rugs are a wonderful addition to almost any home, especially those with wood or tile floors.

Area rugs dampen noise, are softer and more comfortable on the feet than cold tile or wood, provide an added layer of insulation, and help to improve a room’s décor by amplifying or complementing its color and design schemes.

As with anything else, though, area rugs can be used well or poorly. Getting the wrong size or color for your room can end up creating an effect other than the one you hoped for—no small matter considering how expensive area rugs are. In addition, improper placement of area rugs can lead to their getting worn out before their time.

If you’re curious about area rugs for your home, take a look at these tips to help you make an informed decision for your needs and those of your home. You’ll be glad you did! Read more