If you’ve got an Oriental rug in your home, odds are it’s one of your most cherished possessions. Oriental and Persian rugs are timelessly stylish, soften our floors, and tie our rooms together. There’s nothing quite like having one underfoot to make a house feel like a home.

Like anything else worth cherishing, Oriental and Persian rugs need regular maintenance and care. They get walked on, spilled on, and more every single day. Overtime, even routine use can take its toll on a good Oriental rug. Regular cleaning is key.

So—can you clean your favorite Oriental rug at home, or do you need a professional?

It depends.

Home Care for Your Oriental Rugs

An Oriental pattern carpet runnerAs with most things in life, prevention goes a long way in the care for your Oriental or Persian rugs. Keeping them from getting dirty in the first place is the best approach. Encourage your family and guests to take shoes off upon entering the home. Even the oldest and most delicate rugs can stand up to this tactic!

No amount of precaution can completely eliminate the buildup of dust, dirt, and debris though. Vacuum your rug at least once a month or so to keep it from getting packed down with dirt.

In the case of a spill, spot clean as quickly as possible by absorbing excess liquid with a clean cloth or washrag or talcum powder. If the stain remains after vacuuming up the powder, try to dissolve with plain water or a mild detergent of dish soap and water before dabbing with a clean cloth.

For stubborn stains or particularly delicate rugs, professional cleaning may be required.

Lastly, be sure to rotate your rugs regularly, once per year at least. Turn each rug in your home 90 degrees in one direction to even out regular wear that comes from furniture and walking feet.

When Do You Know Your Oriental Rug Needs Professional Cleaning?

No matter how well you maintain your Oriental rug, it’s still a good idea to have it cleaned professionally from time to time in order to keep it healthy and extend its lifespan.

Once per year or so should be good enough for most rugs, but in some cases an emergency cleaning may be advisable.

If your rug is an antique, is extremely delicate, or particularly valuable (sentimentally or monetarily), any spill or spot should be handled by a professional. Spot cleaning isn’t impossible to do on your own in many cases, but there is always a risk of damaging your rug if you don’t know what you’re doing properly. Trust a pro.

If spills or stains are allowed to settle for more than a few hours, they may be too stubborn for most at-home remedies. Call a professional rug cleaner if you want to see the stain lifted.

And, of course, if it’s been years since your rug was last deep-cleaned by a pro it’s time to have it done—sooner rather than later!

Oriental Rug Cleaning in Connecticut

If you have an Oriental or Persian rug that needs cleaning in Connecticut, get in touch with the team at Always Clean LLC. Prompt, thorough, and professional, Always Clean LLC serves people across Connecticut, making old rugs like new.

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