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If you think your bathroom needs a rip-and-replace update but you can’t afford it, there are things you can do for a “like new” look without spending the cash required to do it over. Look closely at your tile. Is it largely okay? It may simply be dirty, and the grout may be crumbling. That doesn’t mean you need to rip out the tile and start again. A thorough tile and grout cleaning could help.

Bathrooms Are Dirty Places

This shouldn’t be news, right?  Tile is more porous than you think, and, just like a napkin, it can absorb dirt, oil, bacteria, and grime. Over time, dirt, dust, oil and other substances dull the tile and discolor it, leading to a dirty appearance. Bathroom cleaners and substances like vinegar can help a little, but they may not be cleaning deeply enough to get the results you’d hoped for.

Tile and grout cleaning is a time-consuming and difficult process, and unfortunately, if you aren’t using the correct tools, you may even be making your problem worse. Mops and chemical soaps can contribute to worsening the sticky residue on your tiles and grout that gradually builds up over weeks, months, and even years, dulling the tile and grout and making them look dirty, despite how much time you spend on them.

Professional Cleaning Can Get Tile and Grout Really Clean

If nothing you’re doing at home is improving the situation, a professional can clean your tile and grout and restore them to like-new condition in a multistep process using specialized cleaners and tools.

Dry dirt removal. Before a cleaning, a professional tile and grout cleaner will carefully remove any dry debris or dirt on the tile and grout.

Specialized detergent. Next, an alkaline detergent solution is applied to remove any greases and oils that have built up in grout. The detergent and the much of the embedded dirt are then removed.

Scrubbing. Next, special tools will be used that are designed to get into the grout lines and remove all the stubborn stains in your dirty tile and grout.

Rinsing. Finally, a high-heat and high-pressure tool is used to remove all the detergent and embedded dirt, including the most stubborn stains, leaving the tile and grout clean and dry.

Finishing and sealing. After your tile and grout are thoroughly cleaned, a professional cleaning company can apply a grout sealer to the floor to help maintain the floor and make future cleaning easier.

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