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Getting Summer Stains Out of Your Carpet

Summer in Connecticut is here! It’s hotdog and hamburger season (with lots of ketchup!) It’s time for strawberry margaritas, blueberry pie, and smores. Unless you’re keeping your family and guests outdoors all summer, chances are many of these things will also wind up on your rugs and carpets. You may also find that since it’s […]

Bringing Dirty Tile and Grout Back to Life

If you think your bathroom needs a rip-and-replace update but you can’t afford it, there are things you can do for a “like new” look without spending the cash required to do it over. Look closely at your tile. Is it largely okay? It may simply be dirty, and the grout may be crumbling. That […]


How to Remove Easter Egg Coloring from Carpets and Rugs

It’s Easter egg season and – let’s face it – children aren’t often famous for their neatness when it comes to handling messy holiday projects. The vegetable dyes used in egg coloring can be surprisingly permanent: even kitchen counters aren’t immune to stains. Carpets and rugs, often the recipients of drips and spills, can become […]

Why You Need Professional Carpet Cleaning

Carpeting in the home is still a tried and true comfort. Not only does it provide a variety of style options, carpeting provides thermal resistance that saves energy and keeps air warmer longer, which is especially helpful during the frigid winter months. Of course, with a carpeted home comes the necessity of keeping it clean […]

How to Deal with a Flooded Carpet: 5 Essential Tips

Maybe you’ve had a pipe burst. Maybe ice dams have caused a slow leak into your basement. Maybe an aquarium got knocked over. Maybe heavy rains have caused flash flooding. No matter what the cause, if you’ve got a waterlogged carpet, it’s time to act fast! Water soaked carpets become water-damaged carpets in the blink […]

7 Holiday House Cleaning Tips to Get Your Home Ready for Guests

Here in Connecticut the leaves have already turned and the weather is getting chillier every day. That means it’s time to break out the rakes and winter coats—not to mention that the holidays are just around the corner! For many, the holidays are a time for visiting family and friends. That’s one reason the season […]