professional carpet cleaning before holidays

The holiday season is fast approaching and for many homeowners that can evoke a mixed bag of emotions.

On one hand, you may love celebrating with guests at your home and cooking a meal for everyone to enjoy. Plus watching children open gifts will warm any heart. But then there’s the other side of the coin. The preparations. The cleaning and hosting side of things that, depending on how polite your mother is, may be closely monitored for perfectionism.

If your hosting holiday gatherings at your home this year you’ve likely started to clear out the guest rooms, prepare the bathrooms and slowly make your way through the messes that seem to have piled over the summer months. Even if you tidy up all the rooms and put out fresh linens and towels, there is an important step missing to get your home absolutely fresh and clean for guests: Clean floors.

Here are 3 reasons to get a professional carpet cleaning done before the holidays.

Lift Stains and Clean Buildup

You may think a quick sweep with a broom or light vacuum and pass over with the mop is enough to keep your home clean but its holiday season and that method just won’t cut it. In fact, there’s likely lots of loose debris, pet hair and other allergens laying right on your rugs, carpets and in the nooks and crannies of your flooring that you don’t even see.

A professional cleaning service is going to use special tools and techniques to lift out the stains you overlooked months ago and leave you with a floor that will make your mother-in-law proud.

Keep Allergies in Check

If you have guests with allergies, cleaning your floors is a terrific gesture to ensure they’re comfortable for their stay rather than sneezing and dealing with watery eyes the entire time.

Keep allergens at bay by regularly vacuuming, shampooing, and/or steam-cleaning carpets. You should also invest in a HEPA filter for your regular cleanings to trap allergens. A professional vapor steam that uses 221-degree water can kill bacteria in the carpet. As an added bonus you’ll also get rid of odors.

Wow Your Guests

Then there’s the simple fact that you want to wow guests and have them come to your home feeling terrific about the overall experience. A clean home that’s sparkling and pristine is going to give off that vibe no matter what.

Even if you don’t have carpets in your home and your floors are looking dull, scuffed or not as sparkling clean as you’d like, contact Always Clean for cleaning services that get the job done right.

Don’t let yourself get into a frantic rush before one of the happiest seasons of the year, rely on the expert and professional care needed to get your home and your carpets cleaned and looking terrific before your guests arrive.

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